This Information Technology Unit (ITU) was undertaking a multi-faceted systems transformation programme seeking to replace their existing learning management system (LMS) as part of a wider systems upgrade.
We were integrated into the IT team and worked with all sections of the business to understand the various intricate connections between their individual processes and how they currently the existing LMS platform.


ITU didn't have standard business process artefacts for each business unit to readily identify critical decision logic and data flows for key processes impacting a broad range teams that currently use the existing LMS platform.

ITU team members frequently had to undertake a variety of roles simultaneously which led to a direct inability to address the onerous and complex task to investigate, capture, & analyse the insights they required to directly support the LMS projects functional requirements.


We completed a comprehensive review of all internal business processes to identify improvement opportunities to be fed back into the design of the next generation LMS upgrade project. State of Matter was chosen for this initiative as we have a broad portfolio of industry relevant success stories where our specialised process consultants delivered high-value outcomes.


Current state business processes capturing vital information flows and distinguishing insights on both college member and trainee user experiences were developed to assist in building detailed system requirements for their LMS platform upgrade.

In addition to this, detailed libraries were created storing key information flows, decision making logic, & distinguishing insights. These comprehensive insights from key business processes further supported associated improvement initiatives including the replacement of their existing financial systems, the 2020 training & assessment reform project, enhancements to member engagement services, & improved workflows to further integrate their customer relationship management system.

Furthermore, State of Matter introduced governance practices & controls supporting a standardised approach to documenting & managing cross-functional business process artefacts for the colleges eight internal business units.

Capabilities Applied

Business Process Consulting